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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Ya know? I just have to mention this, not only because it's annoying, but stupid to even try.

So I was doing a daily in BEM, to wrangle aerather rays. I've shot one one and am attacking it, when another hunter agros the thing to himself and tries to get it instead. Probably thinks if he can agro it off, he'll get to laso it first... Makes it really annoying with any kinda rep quest when one runs into this, but now the stupidity of this person.

I've got the thing on auto-attack, my pet is on it and won't stop attacking/will run after it till I call it off. The thing can't be wrangled until it's down to <20% hp. I fricken crit for well over 1k damage, and it will go up as I'm back to running kara (new guild). Not to mention my arrows aren't free, so from a simple ecconomic standpoint it isn't worth my while to stop attacking because someone is trying to ninja my aerather ray and kite it away from me. And how can he not know about auto-attack or pets as a hunter himself?

Yeah, so natural consequence, he tried to pull it, but I'm still on attack and now it's down to 800 hp, so yeah 1 auto-attack it's gone. I get loot (as the target was locked into me), neither gets to wrangle it, and both have to walk away looking for the next thing to complete daily quest.
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