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Default Re: cable-card ready tv card

Originally Posted by wolfgar
The primary one: It does not support any client->host interactive functions:
particularly: video on demand. Zero support by design.
Actually there is a common misconception about cablecard in this regard. Two way communication is quite possible with the existing cablecard hardware, just nobody has agreed on a standard yet as to how this communications will be handled. When a standard is agreed upon, and devices start supporting that standard, the existing s-cards and m-cards will work just fine with it.

Originally Posted by wolfgar
True vidiots (myself included) are already on HD-DVRs. cable cards would be going backwards 5-10 years for us.
I would differ there. Cable company provided DVR's suck balls compared to some DVR's out there. Using one of those motorola or scientific atlanta cable boxes is going back 5-10 years in DVR technology.
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