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Default GF4 Ti 4600, how much heat can it handle? :p

I have a Geforce 4 4600Ti card atm, I've had a few problem's with it working on my computer. Something with the motherboard being too old and the Voltage fluctuating or something (going to get a new computer soon )

In some games I've just been kicked out to desktop with no error messages and computer self-restarting sometimes.
ANYWAY, after the new Detonator drivers, it's been working GREAT on all the game's.

I'm currently using the SmartDoctor2 thingy from ASUS to monitor the graphic card.
Speed of the Core and Memory is at this moment.................:
Core: 279 Mhz
Memory: 651 Mhz

I have it at "Slowest" till I get a new computer to ensure I don't fuuk up the card or something

So to the question I need answered! The temperature of the Chipset is at 69 celsius, the RAM is at 52 celsius.

Isn't 69 celsius a bit high? I know they can take a lot of heat, even heard it could go as high as around 90 or something.
But is it good in the long run? any feedback would be good thank you.

Oh, and the voltage thingy.
Is it correct if the VDDQ Voltage is 1.56?
And the AGP bus Voltage 3.29 and 3.31 (it wanders between those two numbers a lot)

Fan speed is at 4936 to 5037 if it has any importance in this matter

Oh, and btw...LAST question, it doesn't let me speed up the Core and Memory by clicking on a "Faster" option in the ASUS SmartDoctor2 thingy, cause the chipset is already to warm?
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