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Originally posted by cricket

the same thing has happened to me MRblue...have you found a way to enable direct3d and opengl settings yet? i have very similar system specs as you and have same problem when installing 40.41' would be nice to be able to get to direct3d settings for the refresh rates but i tried 2 times and cant get it to show either. my specs are Dell Demension 8200 P4 2.26GHz with 533MHz system bus/ 512K L2 Cache ~256MB PC800 RDRAM~80GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive~128MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600~with 30.82 driver's~24x/10x/40x CD-RW Drive Harman Kardon HK-395 Speakers with Subwoofer ~Sound Blaster Live~ WinXP Home edition.
how i installed 40.41's was went to add/remove progams..removed nvidia display system went to some 2945 drivers or something ...then i installed the 4041's, but no direct3d panel or opengl panel. i can get the patch for the overclocking from guru but it still didnt give me direct3d. also was wondering why after uninstalling my nvidia drivers does system reboot and then go to these 2945? how can i get it to go to standard display adapters? or is the 2945 it? ive installed other drivers before these with no problems doing it that way. it may be best to wait for the official 40xx's from nvidia but i still may not be able to see the direct3d and opengl tabs.
Glad to see I'm not the only one!

Yea, I've done this many times and there doesn't seem to be any definition of OpenGL or Direct3d settings in the registry (which is the problem). I've decided to wait for someone to come up with a solution if possible. Its not THAT important that I get these settings since I'm only concerned with the Anisotropic settings (all other settings can be retrieved).

The refresh rate can be solved by a program called 'reforce'. It will allow you to set refresh for every resolution mode your card supports and use that across every platform (GL or D3d). It works great for my GL games and Q3-engine games.

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