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Default Re: 90% of Americans still don't understand HDTVs

Originally Posted by Gnaddel
Wouldn't TrueHD be sufficiant?

You have to keep some space for improvements for the generation that follows.
Well...I don't think Dolby would be too happy about using that word.

But no, "HD" was more than sufficient...think about it...regardless of the resolution, every TV that had more than 480 vertical lines would be "HD" and there'd be no confusion. The people that really care would obviously look into it and everyone else would just buy whatever HDTV they could afford.

But always needing to be the leaders/controllers of the industry, Sony had to make up their own standard to try and strong arm the market into buying their products. Hence "Full HD" was born and even though you can't see a difference unless you're sitting 6 inches away from a 50" TV that is 720p and another that is 1080p, if you don't have 1080p, you might as well just gouge out your eyes.
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