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Default Re: UPDATED!! Howto get NVidia driver installed on Solaris10

My mobo is ASUS DSBV-DX with built in VGA video,32Mb and I got a PCI GeForce FX5500 256 Mb with DVI and VGA ports. The card works well under XP but under Opensolaris so far the only way that I can get it to install and boot is by removing the PCI card and hooking the monitor to the built in port. Even when I tried putting back the PCI card after the installation all I get from it is a badly garbled display and it doesn't boot all the way;just stops at a blinking screen. This so far is a show stopper for me since it seems like a catch 22 because to install the drivers and recognize the card it seems to nned to be plugged in,but I can't boot into Opensolaris with the card installed.
Any ideas?
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