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But they are more than 700 mb? I don't see any >700mb cd's in the store. I'll try to burn these cd's , but I don't see how. I will try installing from an image on the hard disk somewhere if I can't burn a cd. Never did that with linux before. People do do that don't they?
I really like mandrake's distros. The red hat people are out to lunch. Why in bloody h**l would someone want to have to manually set up auto mounting for cdrom and floppy on a graphic desktop/workstation type setup like KDE or Gnome?
By the way you might want to check the md5 checksums ( I'm sure you did ). I downloaded some mandrake ISO's that were bad. I didn't check until after I burned them! ( I had gotten used to things working all the time and had gotten lazy. ) I tried them anyway!....They'll kind of work but don't really. I probably get flamed by some "gurus" for admitting to this. Ha
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