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Default Re: 90% of Americans still don't understand HDTVs

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Good thing we aren't using Mpeg-2 anymore.

Face it... you HD-DVD fanboys always said you had better PQ, it isn't true anymore, and you only have "features" which last I saw (using 300 as reference), didn't equal squat for sales compared to the BD version.
HD DVD does have better picture quality. MPEG-2 is being used by BD studios, still. But who is "we"? Are you some BD team? Unlike you, I have a reference quality system and both formats and can judge for myself.

You also fail to analyze numbers in a meaningful way. 300 BD outsold 300 HD DVD 2:1, with 5:1 the install base. Very *bad* performance. We are talking about .6 % of the market versus .4 %. The total numbers don't mean **** for now.
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