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Default Re: system shut down

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
hdd made no noise, and it was. when i checked the hdd specs, that WD draws more power then lets say seagate, hitachi etc..

still going on tryed mates same type and bios mb ie a8n32 sli .. took my mb back was fine til 3 days later then dam shut down .. ahhhhhhhh
(fell sorry for comput place i took it back too i think that mb is ok and i got better temps on that mb) i need to phone them

did all tests again was seeing nothing in event veiwer nothing so swapped psu ie 1000w dxx enermax .. thought yea sorted then shut down so i recabled my fan controller nobs to see if this was shorting it out.. was ok then shut down again . and i was in case at time it happened cheaking system when was running ok and cables ..

when it happend i heard a click on my wd raptor a few times (have heard it before) never thought nothing of it . just thought it was access to drive (had the drive for a year and it allways sounded like this)


so it tapped the drive a few times not hard with in 2- 5 secounds system just shut down

so now i have disconnected drive and put my old 80gb seagate in and reinstalled ..(just with service pack 2 on on other updates) the raptor is now not even connected.. thing is now the seagate fells faster than the raptor??

this is getting me right down if this happens again then wot??

any ideas anyone??

oh thanks nekrosoft13 for pointing me there
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