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Default Re: Clive Barker's Jericho PC demo tomorrow

Originally Posted by Destroy
Only 5 things annoyed me with this game.

Invisible walls all over preventing you from falling.


Mouse control felt very sloppy and only has 3 sensitivity settings.

It's not scary at all.
I can agree with those 3 (edited the other ones out)
The 3 levels of mouse sense feels very much like a sloppy conversion of analog stick sens setting, and I cannot in any way understand how anyone would put that sort of thing in a PC game, on a mouse sens setting.
That and as I already mentioned the parts where you gotta hit keys for different directions in a really short time or you die (I fell down some hole), feels SO out of place for me, in my mind that sort of stuff is just annoying and doesnt belong in a PC shooter.
And I didnt find any jump key (didnt look, just tried out the usual keys), can you jump? if not, Im no fan of that either.

Bit dissapointed in this, but not that much from the demo, had high expectations with the trailers, but they fell pretty steep once I saw the gameplay footage.
Its not the game I was hoping for, but it could still be fun I guess.
Was looking forward to something a bit more like undying, bit slower paced, more scary feel to it, not just in your face gore, which isnt really scary at all.

And Ive never been much of a fan of AI buddies in games, plus I belive it can really hurt the horror feel in a game if thats what your going for altho I think this IS ment to be more of a action shooter then a horror game.
Overall tho AI buddies tend to get in the way and be overall annoying, and rarely acctually ADD anything to a game (in this case its pretty much a alternative to switching weapons/abilities)

On the plus side I liked the graphics, the depth of field thing is pretty nice.
It seems they only use the depth on the far side of the crosshairs depth position, didnt notice it blur anything between you and the crosshair.
Thats prolly a good idea, and the depth of field lends a bit of a cinematic feel to it.

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Hows that a console thing? Are you talking about context sensitive situations and things? Like what Tomb Raider: Legends had? Whats wrong with those then? I loved moments like that, broke up the game abit and kept you on your toes...
Well I cant recall any FPS games on PC using that sort of stuff. (didnt play any tomb raider since the first one, didnt care for it, not really a FPS tho is it?)
But to me it feels very out of place, and not something I would like in a FPS game.
It happened when I walked over some grating in the floor, I guess it broke or something cause it cut over to a cutscene with a hole and suddenly I was falling down it and some keys flashed on the screen..
Apparantly I was supposed to hit these keys in order, I didnt, so I died..
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