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Default Re: Clive Barker's Jericho PC demo tomorrow

I really enjoyed the graphics. I don't think it's FSAA otherwise they wouldn't call it "smoothing" and I would think there would be a much larger performance hit and it doesn't look like AA.
2048x1536 0x Smoothing 35FPS, 2048x1536 8x Smoothing 30FPS.
Great lighting and shadows, very dynamic, love the DOF and motion blur. The model detail is awesome and the jiggle physics are in full effect, a very nice touch, great looking side-boob. I tried to grope the girls with my flaming arm but they kept running away. The world could be more detailed but it still looks great for a multi-platform game. This is not UE3 and is not the Neon engine (DiRT, OF2) this is an engine build by the devs, Mercury Steam.
My only real complaint is the controls. It's very hard to aim and keep control of your view, hence the assisted aiming option. No jump button, no run, no walk, no leans. The feeling of being there is totally destroyed by the mouse movement. I bet if I hooked up a 360 control, if I had one, I could walk and move at any speed. However I play PC games and this is not made as one, I will never hook a pad up to play a FPS. I do not have a start button on my mouse nor do I have an X, Y, A or B button. Stop trying to force people to use one by making the controls so ****ty you have no choice...MS. I had a little fun but not scary and not that much fun. Other than that its a great game I will not be paying for if they don't get it right. Imagin Crysis with an assisted aiming option.
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