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Default Re: Clive Barker's Jericho Demo Feedback Thread

Will somebody please tell me the correct sequence for the first QTE in this game?

I want to finish this demo, but I can't. I don't know if my keyboard is bugged or what. Hitting the corresponding directional keys early or late, doesn't seem to work.


I tried the game again with my Xbox360 controller and found out that when I was playing it with my keyboard, it wasn't showing the ****ing keys at all! All it showed with Keyboard and Mouse were a bunch of ****ing arrows! No keys. But when I used my Xbox360 controller, it actually showed me buttons to press. I just assumed that the arrows meant I had to use my movement keys to activate the sequence in the right order.

Btw, the game is another example of a consolized game. It controls so much better with an Xbox360 controller. How disappointing that they have to botch up the regular controls. On the plus side, the game looks great and runs great. It has great atmosphere and the enemies don't seem to be weak and with your limited ability to move it makes it a bit tense. It's a refreshing change from the run-and-gun genre.

I'm definitely getting this game for the PC, it won't look or run as well on a console so why bother. I also prefer CRT image quality to LCD quality at the moment with these darker games.
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