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Default Re: Clive Barker's Jericho Demo Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
oh my god, this is awesome demo. despite with few bugs but i'll buy it for sure! i loved the last part of demo where you go down in the hole. man, that was tense. the model/textures are excellent! i love how you get to control three squads through out, each has special ablities that can be useful. i love the movement, similar to killzone. it runs great even it only uses 1 core.

i'll get it for pc.

This was one of my main problems with the game. Going in the hole wasn't so bad, but ripping a feature in Resident Evil that really doesn't work here, was a horrible idea I think. Press Left, Left, up, down..up...what is this...Dragon's Lair? Come on Jericho, get outta the 80's man!!

I don't know, I loved Undying and was kinda wishing this had a more slow paced theme...maybe the next game huh Clive?
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