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well thanks you guys. That is what I wanted to know. So I tried the tar file which I had used about a year before on another computer without any problem. It seemed to work and so I set up to have this graphic login which precipitated a disaster. I got this horrible blinking screen for a login. Something about respawning too fast. I went crazy pressing alt and fx to get a login screen (I finaly got one as the system decided to rest from trying to do what ever it was trying to do) and I re-edited inittab to start in run level 3. But then after I rebooted and went to startx there were so many errors that I just decided to start from what I thought was scratch...I deleted the directories I had created and the changes I had mad to the file XF86Config-4 etc. and tried to install the svga type driver, unpacked the nvidia files and went to make install and got a puta madral de error messages mostly having to do with files with names like asm/fixmap.h being missing. So I tried the rpms and they worked kind of. I say kind of because there are so many wierd little problems. videos freeze up, games have missing functions, windows will spontaneously minimize and return to normal size. blank screen after logout of an x session. and so on. Maybe it will be easier for me to re-install the os. and start all over. Oh well.
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