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Default Re: 8800gtx overclock

Originally Posted by Blacklash
Mine did 634 on the core fine with the stock cooler. I'd probably try 1450, 1550 or 1566 on the shader clock.

I use to use ATi Tool to reduce my 2D clock to 350. I had two profiles I created, one was the OC and one was reduced for when the card wasn't doing much. I would use nTune to jack my fan up when I gamed.

When I installed the TR HR-03 Plus I just flashed my card to 659|2040 with a 1566 shader clock and called it a day. I moved to the TR HR-03 Plus because I couldn't stand my 61-64C idle temps, and yes that was even stock speed. The TR HR-03 Plus is great if you don't need those extra PCI slots. I still have one open at the bottom with it installed. Now I idle 45-47C and load 56-58, depending on ambient room temp.

If you want to keep all your slots and cool the card well, look into water cooling.

Below is a great thread for anyone new to flashing a GTX. The best approach is to edit the BIOS that shipped with the card and flash it in. Of course, folks should save said BIOS in its pristine state.

yes water cooling is ok. its not noicy... but my fan and HR-03 " Delta - FFB 1212 EHE" makes my gfx oc2 load at 56 cc MAX.. so its allot cooler than water cooling.. but omg its loud...
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