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Default Re: 90% of Americans still don't understand HDTVs

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
FWIW, the Wall Street Journal claims that HDDVD has the lead in hardware with about 58% of the market using it over Blue-ray. They claim that HDDVD starting around $300 for players is why when BRD start around $449. The PS3 is why they claim BRD disc sales to be up higher than HDDVD. I don't know how concrete those numbers are though.

IMO, the platform that reaches the lowest price point first will win. It has been proven in the past with sales figures that go up drastically as the price gets closer to $200. That is all the average Joe cares about because he understands dollars a lot better than he understands resolutions, acronyms, or whatever. Just because PS3s have them doesn't mean squat. How many people used their PS2 instead of a real DVD player?
Or neither, with the inception of lower-priced dual-format players/recorders neither format at that point has to win. And if dual-format goes mainstream then both can exist. Heck BB will shortly have 300 & 400 dollar dual-format drives (reader & writer respectively). So we are nearly to mainstream.

The one issue I have right now is that HD-DVD has yet to release a computer drive for recording. While Blu-Ray is on 6x now.
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