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Unhappy Perhaps you do not have console ownership?

I'm quite a newbie, and I can't figure out how to resolve this one:

I've installed the nvidia driver 4363.
I've executed
>>> sh
as root.

All went right.

I've edited the XF86Config-4 file, and changed the
>>> Load "nv"
>>> Load "nvidia"

Now, if I start the X server as root, it works perfectly. I do a glxinfo and I can see that the direct rendering and the AGP 4x are activated. Also KDE and GNOME are working.

But, if I try to start the X with any other user (even with newly created users), I get the error:

"Perhaps you do not have console ownership?"

If I switch back to Load "nv", all works again (but without nice 3d graphics!)

I've tried several times. Last one, I've reinstalled Mandrake 9.1 just before installing the nvidia driver.
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