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Default Re: 90% of Americans still don't understand HDTVs

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
FWIW, the Wall Street Journal claims that HDDVD has the lead in hardware with about 58% of the market using it over Blue-ray. They claim that HDDVD starting around $300 for players is why when BRD start around $449. The PS3 is why they claim BRD disc sales to be up higher than HDDVD. I don't know how concrete those numbers are though.
I dont know how accurate was that but on Monday HTSA announced they now gone Blu-ray exclusively, based on Home Theater Specialists of America's $500m revenue, 92% of HTSA customers bought Blu-ray players and a very tiny 8% of HTSA customers bought HD-DVD or combo players.

Next month it will be completed 100% Blu-ray sales.

IMO, the platform that reaches the lowest price point first will win. It has been proven in the past with sales figures that go up drastically as the price gets closer to $200. That is all the average Joe cares about because he understands dollars a lot better than he understands resolutions, acronyms, or whatever. Just because PS3s have them doesn't mean squat. How many people used their PS2 instead of a real DVD player?
Betamax was reached the lowest $200 price point first and won but in the end VHS won because here are far so many overpriced VHS hardwares brands on sales than just one very cheap Sony brand Betamax recorders I saw in 1985, it was really very depressed to see it lonely in front of 15 VHS brands in Radio Rental store.

History will repeat with Blu-ray won in the end because it got everything and more hardwares like Blu-ray camcorders, PS3s, Blu-ray players, Blu-ray recorders, Blu-ray BD-ROMs, Blu-ray writers, Blu-ray BD-ROMs combo with HD-DVD reader and Blu-ray writer combo with HD-DVD reader. What Toshiba got are HD-DVD players, Xbox 360 external HD-DVD ROM drives and very fewer Toshiba HD-DVD ROMs but no HD-DVD writers, HD-DVD recorders and HD-DVD camcorders.
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