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Default Re: 90% of Americans still don't understand HDTVs

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
History will repeat with Blu-ray won in the end because it got everything and more hardwares like Blu-ray camcorders, PS3s, Blu-ray players, Blu-ray recorders, Blu-ray BD-ROMs, Blu-ray writers, Blu-ray BD-ROMs combo with HD-DVD reader and Blu-ray writer combo with HD-DVD reader. What Toshiba got are HD-DVD players, Xbox 360 external HD-DVD ROM drives and very fewer Toshiba HD-DVD ROMs but no HD-DVD writers, HD-DVD recorders and HD-DVD camcorders.
Maybe if they weren't on the verge of making all existing Blu-ray equipment obsolete and incapable of playing advanced features (or perhaps the entire disc) of future media once the 1.1 spec is finalized.

You're fanboyism has blinded you to the fact that BD users are still beta testing. And it wasn't a free beta.
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