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Originally posted by Mr. Blue

Glad to see I'm not the only one!
by the way what monitor do u have? im using the 17inch e771 model
Yea, I've done this many times and there doesn't seem to be any definition of OpenGL or Direct3d settings in the registry (which is the problem). I've decided to wait for someone to come up with a solution if possible. Its not THAT important that I get these settings since I'm only concerned with the Anisotropic settings (all other settings can be retrieved).

The refresh rate can be solved by a program called 'reforce'. It will allow you to set refresh for every resolution mode your card supports and use that across every platform (GL or D3d). It works great for my GL games and Q3-engine games.

so you have not found an answer to enabling direct3d and opengl with 4041"s? did u have a problem getting rid of nvqtwk.dll file that had a previous version # next to it other than the 4041 in additional properties after installing 4041"s?
i tried reforce...but after installing it, my battlefield1942 demo wont run( i think bf1942 demo needs 60mhz for some strange reason..i read something like that. also my other games get dragging graphics in them. like the sky's view/background start dragging all over the place and games become impossible to play with these visual mess up's. i have problems with reforce in halflife mod Day of defeat/quake 3 seems too dark/and a few other problems that r similiar to these. maybe it is just me...i mean to i just set reforce to default setting's or do i need specific settings for specific screen sizes? i play at 800x600 at 100 sometime"s 85mhz mhz or 1024x768 x 85mhz.
what do you set your 800x600 and 1024x768 at?(using the reforce tool)
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