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Default Re: Flight Simulator X: ACCELERATION (official thread!)

Originally Posted by omzig
but i think the title "ACCELERATION" is a poor choice considering just how badly FSX runs even on the best of rigs
Try adjusting your settings. Make sure bloom is off and water is set to low 2x. With max settings on most stuff I get around 20-27fps and thats without SP1, which gives a 20-40% performance boost. Lots of people say it runs poorly, but I have not experienced that my self, and I don't even have the fastest CPU, or even dual core.

I think some people that complain about performance need to realize the game is not meant for max settings on current hardware, and they are probably setting things too high. FS has a life spam of 2-3 years.

With the DX9 feature set DX10 was showing a 17% performance increase in the last build they were showing.
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