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Default Re: Blizz removes HW sound acceleration from WoW

This is the response from "Blue" on the recent sound issues. Creative says Blizzard failed to work with them in the above quote/link, and Blizzard says they are doing everything to make the situation better. They could fix this by working with Creative and getting hardware acceleration back into their game. I would say that I can't believe they did this, but it's sad to say that I can.

Voice chat and the new sound engine actually aren't linked, or dependant on each other. Yes of course the new sound engine is used to run voice chat, but the sound engine upgrades have been in the making long before voice chat. Once it came time to begin implementing voice chat it really wouldn't have been much different regardless of the engine we use.

We do understand that the switch to the new sound engine has caused some issues. Any undertaking and replacement of such a large system within the game, and especially with so many and varied machines running it, there are sure to be some growing pains.

The new sound engine allows so many additional and great sound features for all of our players, including the ability for us to do new and interesting sound alterations based on in-game queues and actions, that it would really be a step backwards to go back to the old system.

We definitely understand there are issues, and we're committed to working through them and bringing the current sound engine on-par with the previous one, and then completely surpassing it.


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