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Default Re: Flight Simulator X: ACCELERATION (official thread!)

Originally Posted by Lith1um
I posted about this before, but the Reno race weekend took place around 3 or 4 weeks ago. There were 3 seperate accidents, each involving a fatality. 3 Deaths in one weekend, now that is an extreme sport.

The Red Bull Series raced in San Diego last weekend, it's been televised on cable this season. Pretty cool to watch.

There is some footage of both events on youtube.
Yeah the Red Bull races look cool with everyone flying inbetween the gates, but the Oval type races are definitely the more dangerous with all those planes flying in close proximity at top speed. Too bad about the 3 pilots who didn't make it.

OT- I'm looking forward to flying the Hornet and doing some carrier traps, otherwise I still consider LOMAC to be the superior sim for aerobatics.
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