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Originally posted by cricket
so you have not found an answer to enabling direct3d and opengl with 4041"s? did u have a problem getting rid of nvqtwk.dll file that had a previous version # next to it other than the 4041 in additional properties after installing 4041"s?
I still have 29.11 beside the nvqtwk.dll drivers. I'll see about copying this to override the older one.


i tried reforce...but after installing it, my battlefield1942 demo wont run( i think bf1942 demo needs 60mhz for some strange reason..i read something like that. also my other games get dragging graphics in them. like the sky's view/background start dragging all over the place and games become impossible to play with these visual mess up's. i have problems with reforce in halflife mod Day of defeat/quake 3 seems too dark/and a few other problems that r similiar to these. maybe it is just me...i mean to i just set reforce to default setting's or do i need specific settings for specific screen sizes? i play at 800x600 at 100 sometime"s 85mhz mhz or 1024x768 x 85mhz.
what do you set your 800x600 and 1024x768 at?(using the reforce tool)
I have a 17" LCD so I use the max Hz for all resolutions (75Hz). The only games I've tested are the ones I'm currently playing (Jedi Knight 2, NWN, The Thing, and Spiderman).

I am not getting too dark areas with JK2 (a Q3-engine game). I am also using 4x FSAA with Enable Sharp Texturing. I only want the Anisotropic settings now, but they aren't important.


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