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Originally posted by Grechie
hey guys, it turns out im going to get a radeon 9100, its only gonna cost me an extra 50 bucks, i cant get nothin else seeing im not refunding it and buying this radeon, im trading it back and paying 50 bucks for the radeon, ive read reviews and it looks ok, i isnt AGP8x, unfortunalty, but it gets 8,000 marks standard on 1024, and my fx5200 cant

so yeh hopefulyl games turn out to be smoother and ive never used ati and hopefully its a good card, my friend reported this card sucks and some games wouldnt work etc.....

the 9100 is one hell of a card, good choice dont worry about dx9, niether of this crappy low end cards will play those games and anyway dx9 games are far away.
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