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Unhappy newbie and riva tnt2 chip and suse-linux 8.2

my configuration: epox-board EP-MVP3G-M,processor: amd k6-3D 400 MHZ,extended memory: 256 MB,usb mouse-logitech and dell monitor 828 fi, udma-controller promise ultra 100 TX2 with 2 harddisks, dual-bootsystem...first windows98 on first HD,as second system linux on second HD

problem: after new installation standard linux system on second hardisk (linux) the update from nvidia is needed, suse-linux installed dummy-driver. ok, file downloaded from nvidia version 1.0-4363...system startet in runlevel "3" ...go to the downloaded file 1.0-4363 on the prompt and start the error. after start sax2 and selection the driver for the nvidia-card, enable 3d-option and start the test-screen to adjust the monitor.ok.
sax2 restart... on the prompt...take a look in the xfree86.log-file with mc and under the loaded module is named "nvidia",not "nv". ok., command "startx windowmaker" and test with "xterm" and "gears" the opengl-extensions. test ok,will exit the task,window freeze on and no reaktion of mouse,keybord or anything.
from time to time, the test ist ok and finished,logout with exit is ok, the restart and run the runlevel "5", the kde-desktop,and...the system freeze on...

no idea,whats wrong...please help,i will kick the unstable windows from pc and sorry for the bad-english
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