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Default Re: Blizz removes HW sound acceleration from WoW

Originally Posted by jolle
Well, its removal of DirectSound3d.. its NOT removal of HW accelerated 3d sound afaik..
There are other APIs, like OpenAL, and FMOD (EX) that WOW and BIOSHOCK (EDIT: and Crysis apparantly) uses.
Dunno much about FMOD, but I know the programmers in my class use it alot.

With no DS3d in Vista, games will start using other APIs.
DS3D is NOT removed from vista. The only thing that is removed from vista is the HAL. And audio HAL is removed for good reason too. Creative is the only company that is backwards enough to still want to use it.

Originally Posted by glObalist
"The new sound engine allows so many additional and great sound features for all of our players, including the ability for us to do new and interesting sound alterations based on in-game queues and actions, that it would really be a step backwards to go back to the old system."

What a load of crap. I highly doubt the "additional and great" sound features will ever compensate for the many a missing or cut-out sound I'm (not) getting now. Can't they just make both HW and SW rendering available? So that both us with the high end cards and the 3rd world customer with his Soundmax card are kept satisfied?
From what I have read of FMOD, it is far less prone to crashing, much easier to program for, and has more features. It actually costs more for blizzard to move to FMOD, both in terms of the fact that FMOD costs money, and they have to spend time rewriting the engine to use it effectively, so they wouldn't have done so without good reason, and believe me they have good reason.
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