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Default Re: Overclocking in SLI with 8800's

Originally Posted by newfiejudd
I was just wondering how to overclock both cards in SLI.

Vista X64 Ultimate
SLI 8800gts 640 mb
4 gigs of pc 8500
Intel Q6600 at 3.0 ghz
Asus Striker Extreme

3dmark06 13457
Is this a decent score in SLI. I have read soem people are scoring 10K + on a single card.

Could I flash my BIOS on each card one by one.
With Riva Tuner 2.5
Core 621
Shader 1524
Mem 900(1800)

What could I use to determine my best cl**** speeds?
i got 14400 on my single 8800gtx card!
i think the bottleneck is on your cpu and not gpu, try to overclock your cpu more(eg.3.6G), u should see a much better result^^
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