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Default Re: Geforece Go 7600 fan problem

Originally Posted by Hermie
Can some one help I am a newbie with Linux my system is a Toshiba P105 - 9722 Bios 3.8 I copied the dsdt-const_temp.dsl file to /etc/initramfs-tools
and from terminal window typed "dpkg reconfigure usplash" the system paused for a few seconds and then the Fan kicked in (big smiles) so i rebooted as previously directed and all was well with Fan but sadly "No Sound" OS is Linux Ubuntu 7.04 I think latest release anyway and want to also try SUSU but need sound so your help would be appreciated.
Sorry for answering too late
Your fix is in this thread:
look for chazz, he's got the same model as you do.
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