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Exclamation Demand on WORKING drivers

Hi everyone,

As all we can see, this forum is full of problems concerning driver problems, most of which are because of bugs or faults in them, this is, because of NVIDIA not making working drivers.

Let me ask you this:
When we buy one (or more) graphic cards from NVIDIA, aren't we supposed to be able to use them at full? Aren't we buying the right to have some very good graphics on our computers? Shouldn't we, Linux users, have the same performance than Windows or OSX users?

I mean, when you buy the card, you're expecting it to work on your computer, no matter which operating system you use. It's NVIDIA's responsibility to have ALL their costumers happy and with no regard to which OS they use their hardware with. It's NVIDIA's responsibility to make working drivers for us all, for every operating system their hardware could be used on. It's their responsibility as we are paying them for our graphics cards, and they have to satisfy their customers.

I know that they're making what they can with the drivers, and that this will get better over time, but we don't need things to get better, we just want WORKING DRIVERS. And by working I mean WORKING, flawlessly, seamlessly, perfectly, with compositing, with SLI, with everything we paid for when buying their hardware. If we liked 2D VGA graphics we wouldn't buy NVIDIA, we'd buy an ATARI or Nintendo.

So, come on folks, lets demand NVIDIA working drivers, as if we are many, they'll have to listen to us. They can make it, it's just ours to demand it.

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