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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Been looking around the avsim library and came across the David Ventura Chamudes Photorealistic Chile texture and mesh packages

Heres are a few shots i found online from texture pack s32w69_pack16 using the s32w69_pack1 mesh (38m)

The whole set (theres 903 files in total!) covers quite a bit of chile

The whole list of packs and there longitude and latitude can be found here

now one problem is that theres no info at all in the readme on airports to fly from
& the only clue you have to the area a package covers is the longitude and latitude
in the file name so id suggest a quick look at
or to help you plan your flights

heres a few more shots (also not mine) from various areas covered by the packs

The AVSIM ftp is pretty slow atm but as soon as i have some of the packages downloaded and installed i'll post a few of my own shots

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