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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Agreed, some problems are related to BIOS, ACPI, power management, compiz, packaging even.

But on the other hand, the very same most problems do not occur when using drivers vesa or nv.

From all common GPU vendors, Intel GPUs (open specs!) work usually best. (However, they suck concerning Sound and some WLAN chips).

ATI/AMD noticed that they are to combine their proprietary drivers with existing open source drivers and just decided to open themselves.

If nvidia won't make the same step, they won't get satisfying Linux support ever (while Intel will defend it's lead and AMD/ATI will get better), and we won't buy them any more.
If my T61 would have been availabe with Intel card _and_ support for 4 Gig RAM, I already would not have bought my current NVidia laptop card.

I never understood why an interface spec. (for very obvious functions btw.) should be kept a secret, anyway. If anything, keeping specs secrets result in preventing technologies from success or at least from gaining much more possible market penetration. Examples include smart cards, all-in-one print/scan/fax devices, fingerprint readers, external TV cards, remote controls, some scanners, UMTS modems, ...
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