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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Regardless of problems caused by bios and other hardware, the closed nature of nvidia prevents developers from finding and integrating workarounds and causes debugging nightmares to all sorts of developers and hinders usage for all end users -- this is the root cause for the problems posted all over this forum. If the cards were open, the driver would be in the kernel/xorg, there would be no package and no installation issues left to Joe Blow. With it being in a well maintainable place like the kernel/xorg, these problems nvidia takes forever to fix would be fixed in a heart beat since a portion of those people affected would be in a position to actually do something about the problem. There is no better encouragement than that to get such problems fixed (unless you paid such people as well :-).

But Why not? For what reason? Everyone paid their fee to use the hardware, didn't they? Shouldn't we be allowed to use the hardware we purchased to its intent? The hardware is there, just not the software and we are not allowed to make it do what we want,.. that's something I just cannot get over.

I've dealt with many nvidia machines over the years, laptops and desktops alike and I've always been amazed that despite how old suspend (to disk/mem) and resume, nvidia can't get this decade-ago technology to function properly. I've seen the amount of time needed to fix the black windows bug. The problems with sudden rebooting... smp issues... I find it all quite sickening. And on top of it all, dealing with these issues prevents me and many other people from not only getting what they want to done, but getting done what they need done. Wasted man hours, in the millions - disgusting.

Also disgruntling is nvidia's choice of priority for technology support. What percentage of users uses SLI? Contrast that number with how many would like hardware acceleration of h264/wmv9 and various other mpeg4 so as to offload the work from their cpu (for instance to save power since nvidia's hardware can probably do such things with a fraction of the time/power the general purpose cpu needs). In addition to this, it would be safe to assume all laptop owners would like better power management and especially suspend/resume support. These important features seem to be at the back of the queue though...

I demand working drivers.
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