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Originally posted by mmaster
I wonder if youa re in framebuffer mode. that keeps the nvidia kernel from loading properly as I recall...
Odd... it doesn't stop me from loading the driver at all...

Originally posted by arshishb
I will not be able to check it right now since I am at work , thats the first thing I will do once i get back. Thanks man.
You can also cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status if you want. If it says 2x or 1x, then look at /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/card and /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/host-bridge to see which device (the video card or your motherboard) isn't capable of 4x mode.

The most important question that sleeped out of my head was that I am not able to check "enable hardware acceleration" , any idea why ??
From the README:

Q: I've installed the driver, but my Enable 3D Acceleration checkbox is still
greyed out! What did I do wrong?

A: Most distribution-provided configuration applets aren't aware of the NVIDIA
accelerated driver, and consequently won't update themselves when you install
the driver. Your driver, if it has been installed properly, should function
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