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Default Re: ET:Quake Wars Full Version Thread

Originally Posted by 4Aces
Who cares, there aren't any magazines in the spawning lounge for me to read while I'm waiting to play a game. I feel like I'm playing Doctor Office Wars, come wait to play, we know you want to play but you'll have to wait a minute or so. Was thinking about getting the thing but 25 sec wait to freakin spawn in the demo, waiting to spawn is just ignorant. I think I'll do them one better and wait to buy the game. If I buy a game I buy it to play not to sit inside it and wait, hell I can do that without payin 50-60 bucks so why would I buy this thing to sit for 20 seconds at a time to get back into the game. If all the FPS games are going this way I don't need to buy anymore high end video cards, I can just go sit in the Doctor or Dentist's office and get the same effect, atleast they have magazines to read.

Well obviously a very short/non spawn time would destroy the gameplay mechanic. The idea that when you die your our of the game for a bit allows the game to reflect the tide of war. Try not to die so often.

Also in regards to the 30FPS limit. You can only unlock the FPS when playing on an online server, or on another dedicated LAN server. When playing single player you are essentially a listen server for yourself so your running the same FPS as the server ie. 30.
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