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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

It's quite funny when people look at a forum dedicated to troubleshooting problems and only find people posting about problems and from that deduct that nothing is working.

I mean, when you buy the card, you're expecting it to work on your computer, no matter which operating system you use. It's NVIDIA's responsibility to have ALL their costumers happy and with no regard to which OS they use their hardware with. It's NVIDIA's responsibility to make working drivers for us all, for every operating system their hardware could be used on. It's their responsibility as we are paying them for our graphics cards, and they have to satisfy their customers.
I don't think you have any idea of what you're talking about. Would you expect a Linux binary compiled on Redhat 7.2 to work on a Ubuntu 7.04? They are both Linux distros, so surely Redhat must be responsible of making it work on future and alternate distros.

The fact is that NVIDIA isn't an end to end producer. Like others have mentioned before me, there are several layers on a PC which has to be passed through to get from GFX cards to the CPU. I've seen several threads where people complain with endless rantings about bad NVIDIA drivers only to find out that they infact had a bad PSU.

Did you read through the entire forum and read all threads and from that conclude that most of them was due to bad drivers? Or did you just scim through the latest threads with the biggest letters?
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