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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Originally Posted by lech
But on the other hand, the very same most problems do not occur when using drivers vesa or nv.
That is like saying there are no problems in Windows.

The vesa or nv drivers come pre-installed with the OS. Like Windows came pre-installed on the system. People switch the system on, it works, and they conclude that everything is fine. They did not need their install skills, or their manual reading skills.

Then they are going to install the nvidia drivers and they have problems.
Who tells me the problem is in the nvidia drivers and not in their install skills?
Let them demo a from-scratch install of Windows or a from-source install of vesa or nv. When they can do that and still have problems with the nvidia driver, we have a comparison to discuss. But as it is now, it is not convincing.

(not that I think there are no problems in the nvidia drivers. I think there is a serious issue in the way the driver thinks it knows everything about your monitor by reading the EDID and throws away your config directives because it believes they conflict with the EDID. but that is hopefully being looked at, and fortunately it can usually be worked around)
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