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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

From day 1 of the 8800GTS cards release I had fewer problems with linux working with the cards then windows. Actually under XP64 I still have more problems with windows then linux. Most forums are full of people that need help so they don't give an accurate viewpoint of the community.

Right now I have 3d accel across all 4 screens I have using xinerama and things are working just fine. I do wish that randr worked across that but that is not something that nvidia can solve. Actually my problems with windows XP64 and Vista 64 (ran for a few days before a driver update killed it) got bad enough that I bought a 360 to go with my Wii and I have not booted windows since. Right now I am actually using kubuntu gusty with the 100.14.19 drivers that are included it in without any issues, before I used them I used envy to install drivers and that worked fine.

I have to admit though if AMD continues to release specs and the drivers look decent my next cards will be AMD cards. I like nvidia cards and their drivers have been pretty good but I much prefer to use an open driver, my experience is that get fixed far faster and have vastly fewer issues.
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