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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Originally Posted by evilghost
No issues here, perhaps it's user issue?
Look, I have an nvidia card on my desktop and one on my laptop, I'm using Linux for over a year now with the nvidia drivers. I dont use the packages from the ubuntu repositories but the installer from the nvidia site. On my desktop I'm not having any problems, but on my laptop I do.

The systems freezes after some time (same problem like a lot of people here on the forums). But the worst thing about this is that it only freezes with dirvers newer than 09, with the 09 driver I dont have this problems (like most people here).

The problem isnt user or distro related because I get the same problem on different distros and kernel versions (I've tried Fedora, Ubuntu and pclinuxos, kernel 2.6.19 -> 2.6.22) they all give me the same problem, works with 09, but freeze with the 2 newer version. So saying its a user error is just not true and and insult.

So, to me it seems like nvidia broke something in the newer version of there driver and should fix it. If they fail to do this, they should open there specs. (They should open there specs any way, but I could settle with closed drivers if they worked!!!)

At the moment I'm stuck with the old drivers, so what am I going to do when I want to use a kernel or a version of X that's not supported by this version? If this problem is not going to be fixed I will not buy an nvidia card ever again and will suggest to everyone who comes and asks me for advice to not buy one either.

I've submited my bug repport and opend a topic, but didn't hear from anyone (only from people with the same problem) for almost a full week now. Where is the support?? Does nvidia just ignore the problems they cant fix?
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