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Originally Posted by SOAD
wow, just wow. i think i wanted to cry when i saw your post....even my 56k dial-up had better lag then that...

Dont tell me

I used to live in England and have a nice 1mb/sec line with a latency of 17.

Moved to Ireland and I was offered the 3mb service. Got terrible speeds and latency. They moved me down to a 1mb line and I was getting speeds of 20kbps TOPS. Latency in all games was from 400 to infinity and I would frequently drop the connection

Had a look on my router. Im now training at only 600kbps

I am sooooooo frustrated. To download a 5mb file takes like 10mins. Online games are impossible, surfing the web is a biatch. Hell when Im at home I have to avoid quoting people because on advanced view it takes like 15-20 secs to load up the page

It makes me want to gnash my teeth
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