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Default Re: Slow Internet/Network Speeds

Originally Posted by Mithrilhall
I recently purchased a Shuttle XPC SN27P2 which uses the Nvidia nForce 570 Ultra chipset. Getting Debian installed (or any other distro) is easy enough and my onboard NIC is detected (Marvell 88E1116) but my network speed is slow or slower than dial-up.

I've turned off the onboard NIC in the BIOS and installed an Intel NIC and it was also detected fine but my speeds are still just as slow.

Right now I'm dual booting with Vista and everything works fine (network speeds that is).

I've tried multiple distros with the same success: Debian 4.0r0, Debian 4.0r1, Kubuntu 7.04 (Live CD), CentOS 5.0, Knoppix v5.1 (Live CD) and Sabayon (Live CD). The only distro that has my network speeds working properly is PCLinuxOS 2007 (Live CD).

I'm not sure what information would be helpful so just let me know what's needed if you're able to help me.
some questions:
- How do you "measure" your network speed? if you have another
linux system: see iperf tool... sniffers like wireshark / iptraf are good utilites too!

- can you please provide a "full" dmesg report? because it looks like that you have a interrupt problem... (Have you already tried to _flash_ the latest BIOS?)

- what does ethtool eth0 and ifconfig look like?

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