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Default Re: Blizz removes HW sound acceleration from WoW

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I noticed the sound cutting out some on me today.
I've had the music cut out ocassionally, for a few patches now. As to this lattest patch, there are more then a few issues... The delay in getting moneys from the AH is one of those annoyances. Other then that, practically everyone in my guild has had lag related problems since the patch, increased DCs, and they seem realm wide.

Like yesterday when I was in shat when it happened, everyone in trade channel was commenting, all at once about it, etc. I couldn't even open a chat screen, and everything on screen but scrolling old text was frozen. A bunch of us were going to run heroic mech then, and I was like "eh, probably not with this lag, we'll die". Everyone getting game freeze just doesn't go well in heroics, kara, or what not. Same evening, logging in, I was stuck on "connected" loading char screen (with no chars displayed) for like 3 minutes.

There's other general things, that almost makes me think a bug fix 2.2.1 won't be far away.
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