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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Originally Posted by Lithorus
Did you read through the entire forum and read all threads and from that conclude that most of them was due to bad drivers? Or did you just scim through the latest threads with the biggest letters?
Come on men, do you need to read all the news in a newspaper to know world's f**ked up?

The point here is that if that the folks at NVIDIA were more responsive and cared more about their Linux community then they would make WORKING drivers for us, or if they can't or don't have the time, or whatever, why don't release their specs so we can make things ourselves?

I don't think NVIDIA would let their Windows or OSX users be in this situation of not having working drivers for their cards, why's that? Because both OS's are sponsored and made by corporations which report lots of money to NVIDIA by including their cards on their machines. What about NVIDIA telling Steve Jobs, "ahem, well, sorry Mister Jobs, we don't have a working driver for uh, your new Mac Pro...". Steve wouldn't think it twice, neither would any of the big computer corporations do, to turn away to ATI. And so NVIDIA would be hasty on providing that missing driver.

But of course, poor Linux users don't have ANY kind of support except by that of its big community, and they have to buy who knows which card that will work with their machines. Is it fair? We have bought lots of NVIDIA cards, and only a part of them have it working, and not the way it should be. Why? Why should we Linux users suffer from graphics-ache?

This is my demand, that NVIDIA releases WORKING drivers for linux or even better, to release their GPU specs before it is too late and we switch to ATI.
Personally I've never preferred ATI, but if this is how things are, well... maybe all we could use a little change.

It's for the good of all NVIDIA+Linux users and for NVIDIA itslef, as they'll have more and happier customers.

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