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Default Re: ET:Quake Wars Full Version Thread

Originally Posted by 4Aces
Who cares, there aren't any magazines in the spawning lounge for me to read while I'm waiting to play a game. I feel like I'm playing Doctor Office Wars, come wait to play, we know you want to play but you'll have to wait a minute or so. Was thinking about getting the thing but 25 sec wait to freakin spawn in the demo, waiting to spawn is just ignorant. I think I'll do them one better and wait to buy the game. If I buy a game I buy it to play not to sit inside it and wait, hell I can do that without payin 50-60 bucks so why would I buy this thing to sit for 20 seconds at a time to get back into the game. If all the FPS games are going this way I don't need to buy anymore high end video cards, I can just go sit in the Doctor or Dentist's office and get the same effect, atleast they have magazines to read.
Ugh, Get real
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