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Default Re: What OC can I expect with my new q6600 G0 + setup?

What's the safe zone temperature for the Q6600 ? 50-60C ? Intel gives a thermal specification of 71C for this revision.
I can push my G0 to 3.4GHz for now on an Asus P5B-E (375x9 or 425x8), but it requires 1.475V to run at that speed. The max temp I reach under load running all 4 cores is 36C, with a Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme.
I can boot into Windows at 3.5 and 3.6gHz by raising the voltage to 1.5V but it fails every test. I'm somehow reluctant to go over 1.5V with a 65 nm part.

Then again, the P5B-E doesn't provide the most stable voltages, when set to 1.475V in the bios, Asus' PC Probe reports 1.42V idle and around 1.33V under load in Windows.
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