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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Revs
OK, I picked up teh Delux Edition this afternoon along with a Saitek joystick with all teh rudder and throttle stuff.

Looking forward to having a blast tonight. Any tips for the best aircraft to fly and the location to fly from on my 1st go? Not bothered about about learning too much at first, just want a go in a fun plane to get the feel of the game.
Well the location I mentioned above is one of the most scenic I have found, so thats a place you could try. From the free flight screen just type in the airport ID of LSGK to select that location. Its in the Alps. Fly west after taking off.

If you want to explore the Grand Canyon, which is really cool, take off at KGCN. Its 6 miles from the canyon.

As to aircraft the Grumman Goose is an easy one to fly, and quite fun as well. If you want something a little more sporty the Mooney Bravo is really quick as well as easy to fly. Something like the Extra 300 might take some practice to get used to as its quite squirrely.

Make sure you download SP1 for a 20-40% performance boost, and when you setup the graphics do not enable bloom as it kills performance. SP1 does have an issue on some systems where there are tons of blurries, so if you see blurries all the time then uninstall SP1 and wait for SP2.

Here's the Goose.

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