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Originally posted by cricket
i got rid of the "nvqtwk.dll" file by going to c/windows/system32 folder...found the file and put it in recycle bin. i think i read in an earlier post in these forums that the nvqtwk.dll file was not needed for the 4041 drivers. by the way..i saw a movie of" the thing "in a gameplay like movie mpeg file movie format. how is the full version? is it worth the money? i was wondering that maybe our computers are so new that if we installed some older drivers that have the direct3d and opengl included with them,then uninstalled them and reinstalled the 4041's maybe the direct3d and opengl tabs would show up ???? it makes no sense why they arent there,although since ive had this computer(since 6-5-02) i dont ever recall those tabs ever being there. my cpu came with geforce4ti4600 and the 2942 drivers originally.then i went to 2980's...then the 3082's then the 4041's....currently im using the 4041 but if i find problems again im back to 3082's untill they release whql drivers on nvidia site
Well, since it has nothing to do with the D3d/OpenGL settings being seen, I'll just leave it.

I really can't say much about the Thing yet as I just started playing it yesterday. I hear its very short but so far, I'm liking it quite a bit. Not as scary as Resident Evil (which is my fav gothic-horror), but the atmosphere is cool.

I wouldn't mess with anything unless someone on this thread has the registry commands to enable those settings or Nvidia releases the final version of the drivers. I'm going to stick with the 40.41 drivers since there appears to be nothing else wrong with them. If I can squeeze a little more performance from the card, then its worth it.

Good Luck and I'll post here if I or someone else finds a solution for us Dell owners!

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