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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Like I said before the drivers work on my desktop, but not on my laptop. And an older version of the driver works on my system, but the latest 2 versions dont. How are you going to explain that? There is a thread of 4 pages about the same problem. Don't you think the nvidia folks could at least say something. (They did say something in that threat in the beginning, but latter on they stopped)

I bought a laptop with an nvidia card because I was sure they offerd very good linux drivers. But it looks like you need to be lucky.

Of course you are happy because your card works! I've wasted hours on trying different boot parameters, kernel version and x configurations, but with no succes.

We've paid just as much as the other guy that has working drivers, so why don't we deserve the same luxury? If we would just give up nvidia wouldn't have a reason to make good drivers.

It's no true that that all the people with problems are here. I found several post on other forums about the same problem. People who are new to linux and encounter a problem like this don't know it the nvidia driver that's causing this and will probably just give up on linux.

If you had the same problem, you would be here complaining with us!

Have to keep doing this until the problem is fixed.
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