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Question Lets finish my OC

I could use some help and sugestions for the rest of my OC setup. Ihave managed to get myCPU at a steady stable clock of 3.4GHz and I have been running my ram at 378MHz at a 1:1 ratio and I would like to get things moving a bit more to help my blazing CPU. My ram simply wont go any faster then 400MHz (DDR2 6400) so I was thinking about some 1066 instead.

Whats your opinion on this? Would it be worth the upgrade or would I not see any performance improvements from pushing my FSB multiplier?

---Q6600 @3.45 430FSB - P5K Deluxe---
---1066 5-4-4-12 PL6! - 257 GTX OCed---
---ASUS Xonar DX - Dell 2407 24 LCD---
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