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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Originally Posted by joffe
Maybe they hang out at the Official nVNews Babe Thread (1.5 million views)?

Seriously though, what company in their right mind ever considers putting their support forum on an external site hosting that kind of material? Regardless of the effort from the developers that post here, I'd say that it's a f***ing remarkable statement from the company that doesn't exactly seem to go hand in hand with the NVIDIA Corporation Worldwide Code of Conduct. I have no problem watching naked girls but I think NVIDIA should go back to the drawing board when it is time to revamp the long term support strategy. Now what business are you in again?

There, I said it (putting on bullet proof vest).
I am very tired of your agenda here. Stay on thread topic and stop these crying fits because NVIDIA employees are helping Linux users at NVNews.
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